Welcome to Brittany Lee Photography

About Us

Photo by Amanda Munyon

Photography has been something that I have always had an interest in from a young age. In 2005 I discovered Cosplay and was fascinated by the entire culture. I started cosplaying myself in the same year and soon found the desire to have photos of my own cosplays. In 2010, I started to branch out and test the field of Cosplay Photography. In 2017 I became a freelance Photographer specializing in Cosplay after graduating The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a bachelors in Web Design.

My Mission

My mission as a cosplay photographer is to be inclusive in a culture that tends to be more exclusive. I want to celebrate cosplay no matter a person's size, skin color or heritage. I want to empower each of my clients and deliver them images that make them feel better about themselves and make them want to share their art with the world.